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Twirl Dance Acro is run by the amazing Ainslie Hunt who sat down to answer a few questions about her journey to becoming a teacher

At the age of 3, Ainslie wanted to be just like her big sisters and learn to twirl. Unfortunately at that time, twirling classes were only opened for students 5 and above. This didn't matter though, as Ainslie was determined to learn. So, three weeks later she began classes!

This was the beginning of her twirling career, where she held many state and national titles, Australian Champion for many years and competing at the World Baton Twirling Championships 9 times. Ainslie enjoyed all that came with competing at the top level, which included lots of hard work and fun with friends She even enjoyed every failure because it taught her some important life lessons! Getting to travel the world was probably one of the highlights. From Switzerland and Holland to Hawaii and Canada, she considers herself to have had very fortunate teenage years.

After achieving her goals as an athlete, coaching was next on Ainslie's list. She enjoyed coaching all levels of athletes and loved choreographing routines, particularly freestyle. In 2003, The All Stars club in East Hills approached her to become their head coach. Still, amongst her busy schedule, Ainslie still runs this club today.

Over the years, Ainslie became involved heavily in the Baton Twirling Association, holding the NSW President role for 4 years, before becoming the President of the Australian Baton Twirling Association in 2017, which she still holds today. 

Ainslie's daughter convinced her to teach twirling when she was 5 years old and after twirling for 2 years with All Stars, Ainslie's daughter and friends begged her to teach them locally. This request formed Twirl Dance Acro in 2018. TDA started with a 1 hour class in Yarrawarrah Public School Hall with 5 kids and now, they have 6 classes around the Engadine/Yarrawarrah area, with over 75 students and 3 staff.

"The best part of my job is watching the children grow new skills, develop confidence and have fun along the way with their friends".

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